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The Sales Evangelist!

Sales Coaching
Need help doing BIG THINGS?
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So, Who Is Ideal For TSE Sales Coaching?

Are you a sales professional or entrepreneur who says “that’s me” to any of the following:

  • I am frustrated because I don’t have an effective sales process
  • I’m personally concerned about being depicted as being “pushy” to buyers
  • I have a hard time when  a buyer tells me “no” and rejects me
  • I have to sell to keep my personal business going, but I hate selling
  • I find myself offering many quotes, but I have a tough time bringing in new business
  • I am new to sales and can’t seem to do the right sales practice to close more deals
  • My company does not offer sales training so I want to invest in my own success

What to expect?

I believe very strongly in the power of an individual approach to learning.Why, it’s simple, no two individuals are exactly alike and the way we consume information varies. This is precisely why I developed our coaching packages with the desire of helping individuals accomplish their personal goals.

From the very get go, you and I will work together to identify the biggest challenges that are holding you back from sales success. We will then outline an individual coaching plan with set goals and objectives. Each session will conclude with actionable activities for you to implement. As each of us do our part during these mentioning packages, you indeed will DO BIG THINGS.

So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call!

Give me a call 561-578-1729


  • If you want to be a Top Producing sales individual, then listening and following The Sales Evangelist is a must. Donald sets himself apart from everyone else by providing motivated listeners with unique sales tactics, allowing your daily objections and struggles to become nothing but attainable and easy to overcome. Week after week listeners are not only educated, but become even more motivated to hit the next level of their sales career. Inspired by the motivation and education, which allows any sales professional to immediately increase their sales performance. My fundamentals and confidence as a sales professional have increased from following and listening to Donald each week. Week after week I am eager to implement anything I take away, ultimately leaving inspired to do BIG THINGS with the unique fundamental advice I learn from The Sales Evangelist!

    Jason Tripp
    Jason Tripp Verizon Wireless
  • From people to sales to entrepreneurship, Donald Kelly just gets it. I initially hired Donald to help hone my salesmanship and quickly discovered his knowledge extends well beyond sales. As I enter the initial stages of launching my own company, Donald  has become a sounding board, business consultant and trusted advisor. He takes the time to identify and truly understand my goals and challenges and offers relevant and innovative ideas that will help me to achieve long term success. Donald is an effective communicator ready to share his vast tool box of resources, knowledge and strategies with anyone looking to improve their sales techniques and business practices. From the novice sales person to the established entrepreneur, Donald has something to offer everyone.

    Destinee Walker
    Destinee Walker Entrepreneur
  • Donald has helped me not only expanded my knowledge on getting my foot into doors but also being confident in doing so. I would trust his advice and expertise in anything business networking and becoming an all around better business man. His advice and knowledge applies to everyone, even me as a college student!
    Landon Swain
    Landon Swain The University of Utah


Want to say hi?

I would love to hear from you and learn how you got started in sales. Drop me a note here.

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